Natasha Nenadovic

Natasha Nenadovic has taught at ALG since 1993. Born in Serbia, Natasha was a graduate of the Belgrade Medical School, where she earned a nursing title specializing in early childhood. She came to the U.S. as a nanny and the child she cared for attended ALG. Once her contract ended as a nanny, Natasha was quickly hired by ALG, earned her CDA, and has since built up the science and math portions of the curriculum considerably with her interests in things that grow, fall, multiply, and decompose. Natasha has also taken classes at Living Stage Theatre and in Parent Effectiveness Training. When Natasha is not at ALG, you can find on the go with her 3 sons (all ALG alumni) , looking after dogs, painting faces, or adding another language to her repertoire (she speaks 5 foreign languages).